Tuesday, October 30, 2007

An Autumn Get Together

So, we got together for a number of reasons and here are the results:

MeToday, Oct 30th @office

Bill Gates, you suck!

Okay, I think I'm just about done with Bill Gates and Microsoft. When I'm out in the field, I'm usually dealing with problems with a Microsoft product, whether it be some OS, a Server Application or even it's current flavor of word processor. Either way, I don't expect to run into problems after hours... and I try to make sure of this by rarely jumping on the computer at home... Except for one thing. I have an XBOX 360. (For those of you 360 lovers out there, I'm sure you know where I'm going with this.) I love our XBOX 360. Let's call him, Herb. Herb has been our media hub for games, music, movies for the past 18 months. He was faithful, send great HD movie and quality sound and accepted anything we put into it... even the crap that sometimes made it into our NetFlix Queue. So, you don't know how dissappointed I was to find that Herb was NOT a lucky duck. I've read rumors about many of Herb's brother's and sister's kicking the bucket, and I thought he was one of the fortunate few to have survived... but, no... Herb is dead... and he told me this past Sunday afternoon, by showing off his ring of death.

So, though it sucks to be me... it sucks more to be Herb.