Thursday, July 31, 2008

You know I'm a true geek...

... when it's taking EVERYTHING in me to *not* put this in my shopping cart and checkout.

What is it? 

It's the LEGO Castle Giant Chess Set.  It's a chess set designed to bring out the geek/nerd/engineering kid back out of me.  The board measures 17"x17"...  how awesome!  All, I need to do it pull out my pocket protector, tape up my glasses and pull my pants up past my gut. 

My wife won't admit it, but I know she thinks that's hot!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today's diversion: Christian... the lion.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Natalie is today's diversion...

You'll like... it's Barnhart's promotional video for "Carmensita".  And surprise, it stars his beautiful girl friend Natalie Portman.  Which is probably the only reason why I know Barnhart exists.

(click here for a pop-out)

Since we're talking about Natalie Portman, here's my favorite short with her in it...

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The formula doesn't work!!

Cute + Young + (Actress | Celebrity ) != Good Music

When will the music industry learn?  Good music is not a function of attractiveness, age and/or mediocre acting ability. 

Even with all the technological advancements when it comes to sound, you could make people sound "better", but people still don't want to do have to deal with a Milli Vanilli or hear excuses of acid reflux

Here's the list of some actresses who attempted the music entertainment thing.

Late 80's / Early 90's

Alyssa Milano, you know the cute Italian girl from Who's the boss.  She came out with several albums, but they were all god awful.

Mid 90's / Early 00's

Jennifer Love Hewitt - okay...  she was popular in Japan and was a pop icon there and then found her way into acting here in the states...  but, still...  would I listen to her?  No.  Plus, The Japanese like some really weird stuff.

The 2000's

Paris Hilton - can you say "money"?

Lindsay Lohan - ummmm...  yeah

Scarlett Johansson - again...  do I really need to continue.

So, what's gotten me on this little tirade?  Well, another actress has joined the ranks... 

Hayden Panettiere is now a singer!  Here's her video to her debut single, "Wake Up Call".  There's irony here...  but only if she listened.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Everyone has problems...

Almost every morning, on my way to work, I cut through a really nice neighborhood. The houses and garages are huge, the lawns are green and trimmed, the school district and community center is known for its quality of education and service. It's a really nice neighborhood that I, one day, hope to transplant my family into.

On this particularly morning, I was headed into the office early so the streets were quiet.  Occasionally you see a jogger or a dog walker, but I pretty much had the road to myself.  However, I'm well aware of my speed limit... cruising at 25 mph is a requirement while driving in this neighborhood.

Upon turning one of the last couple of corners headed in, I roll by a Honda Accord, parked in the other direction.  Inside was a guy bent over his center console. He didn't notice me until he finished and he looked up from his pad.  I startled him.

My car is nice and quiet; You barely hear it above the chirping of the birds.  So, it was no surprised that he didn't notice me, until I was right there.

He looked like a young professional, well dressed definitely headed into an office somewhere.  And, there was no mistake as to what he was doing.  He wiped his face, started his car and drove off.

I don't know if he lives in the neighborhood, was visiting, or just finding a place to get his quick fix.  Needless to say, I haven't seen him around since.

I guess the short point to this long story is that everyone has problems... 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Friends with Benefits...

This came across twitter from GirlOneTrack (aka Abby Lee, aka Zoe Margolis). I thought it was funny, so this is what I'm sharing today.  She got it via

Benefit Summary Prospectus
(click for bigger, pop-out).

In case you're not in the know, Abby Lee is really Zoe Margolis.  She used this pen name while blogging about her sex life at  She then published her posts into a book with the same name.  WOOT!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Any anytime of day diversion.

So, it's no wonder why this song is a hit single from her new album, "one of the boys". Here's the video, it's hot.  Even though, I know you've all seen it before.  ;)

or, click here:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Heroes goes Postal!

To tide us over until the fall tv line up in September, NBC is providing Hero addicts its first ever web series, "Going Postal".  It's a three part series starting this coming Monday, July 14th.

And, if you're a lucky Comic Con visitor, you'll get a sneak peak of the series' conclusion at the Heroes panel the Saturday before.

I'm so excited, I could pee myself...   uh oh, already did.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So, Sherrie being a cunning linguist obviously has been able to refine her scrabble and word twist skills to point that makes it really difficult for me to win any word building related games.  If you didn't know this, you see me complain all to often here on my blog (here and here).  Her lexicon is top notch...  and her ability to see words out of nothing is uncanny.

This skill isn't so much a skill she learned, it's more like a skill that's bred into her...  I can confidently say that it's most definitely in her blood. 

How do we know this?  Play against Tara, her sister...  and, if you want a really annihilation invite, into the picture, Julia, Sher's mom.  

I have just one word to say Julia and her word skills.

"Huh?!", which loosely translates to "Holy moly, mother of god, how does she come up with these mad points?!" 

Anyway, the point is not so much to pay accolades to the girls' skills, but rather, throw down some smack.  Since I very rarely have the opportunity to gloat, I'm doing so now.

Yes... that's me winning a game.  I know, it's not necessarily a "kicked ass" win or a "run away with your tail between you legs" annihilation, but it's a win, nonetheless.

Did I mention that we're all VERY competitive?