Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So, Sherrie being a cunning linguist obviously has been able to refine her scrabble and word twist skills to point that makes it really difficult for me to win any word building related games.  If you didn't know this, you see me complain all to often here on my blog (here and here).  Her lexicon is top notch...  and her ability to see words out of nothing is uncanny.

This skill isn't so much a skill she learned, it's more like a skill that's bred into her...  I can confidently say that it's most definitely in her blood. 

How do we know this?  Play against Tara, her sister...  and, if you want a really annihilation invite, into the picture, Julia, Sher's mom.  

I have just one word to say Julia and her word skills.

"Huh?!", which loosely translates to "Holy moly, mother of god, how does she come up with these mad points?!" 

Anyway, the point is not so much to pay accolades to the girls' skills, but rather, throw down some smack.  Since I very rarely have the opportunity to gloat, I'm doing so now.

Yes... that's me winning a game.  I know, it's not necessarily a "kicked ass" win or a "run away with your tail between you legs" annihilation, but it's a win, nonetheless.

Did I mention that we're all VERY competitive?