Friday, August 7, 2009

Shakira?!? What were you thinking?

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I'm speechless... the choreographer for this video should be shot.

Is dancing now just moving awkwardly like a robot tripping on 'shrooms? B/C I could definitely do that. I'm sure there's video somewhere...

maybe I could be in Sharika's next video. Just call me Honey Daniels.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yeah, this kinda gets me excited...

Why? B/C I was one of those little geeks when I was younger... dreaming of being Flynn and finding TRON to liberate the system from The MCP.

The original movie is mainly the reason why I try to peg people with frisbees whenever I have one in hand.

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Here's a funny TRON spoof by TRON Reboot:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Now, THIS is a vampire movie...

Until recently vampires were second to my love of zombies, unfortunately the recent hype for the emo-teenage-vegetarian-vampire-like "vampires" had dropped the nasty blood suckers down a couple of notches on my "cool" scale.   

That is, until now.

Check out this trailer for Daybreakers.

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Yes, I AM excited. It also helps having Isabel Lucas in the cast... va va voom. Oh, and Ethan Hawke... he's hot too.

And Yes... I know about True Blood and all the Sookie goodness... but, I'm talking movies, not long drawn out series that keeps you craving more every week like a dog begging by the dinner table. (Which is exactly how I feel every Sunday evening.)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yeah, it's been awhile.

So, I haven't blogged in a long time. But here's some insight on my dark mind. Every once in awhile, I have dreams similar to this movie trailer

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I know I'm crazy. Either way, follow 'em on twitter @zombieland. (b/c everyone has a twitter account)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cost per Year of dog ownership == EXPENSIVE

So, it's been about a year since we've adopted Snowball. And after having to do taxes, I've had a chance to review Snowball's yearly cost.

According to Quicken, this is the breakdown that I have for Snowball and this is what I expect to pay in 2009.


County License: $13.00 ($25 if your, ahem, late)
Yearly Vaccination: $64.00
12-Month Supply of Flea/Tick Control (Interceptor): $152.98
12-Month Supply of Worm Control (Frontline Plus): $48.99


Eukanuba - Medium Breed 40# Dog Food: $43.99 x 4 = $175.96
Eukanuba - Dog Treats = $14.99 x 4 = $59.96
Misc Treats - $60.00


Misc throughout 2008: $150


Lodging throughout 2008: $480

So ~$1200 is what I expect to pay in 2009. I'm sure there's more that I haven't accounted for, but at least I have an idea.

To be honest, we paid about twice that in 2008, since there were a lot of one time / initial costs involved (i.e. money to adopt, training, initial check-up, neutering, home crate / travel crate, etc...)

Is it worth it? most definitely.

Here's your fun fact for today: Did you know pet owners live (on the average) three years longer than those without?