Friday, August 7, 2009

Shakira?!? What were you thinking?

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I'm speechless... the choreographer for this video should be shot.

Is dancing now just moving awkwardly like a robot tripping on 'shrooms? B/C I could definitely do that. I'm sure there's video somewhere...

maybe I could be in Sharika's next video. Just call me Honey Daniels.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yeah, this kinda gets me excited...

Why? B/C I was one of those little geeks when I was younger... dreaming of being Flynn and finding TRON to liberate the system from The MCP.

The original movie is mainly the reason why I try to peg people with frisbees whenever I have one in hand.

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Here's a funny TRON spoof by TRON Reboot:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Now, THIS is a vampire movie...

Until recently vampires were second to my love of zombies, unfortunately the recent hype for the emo-teenage-vegetarian-vampire-like "vampires" had dropped the nasty blood suckers down a couple of notches on my "cool" scale.   

That is, until now.

Check out this trailer for Daybreakers.

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Yes, I AM excited. It also helps having Isabel Lucas in the cast... va va voom. Oh, and Ethan Hawke... he's hot too.

And Yes... I know about True Blood and all the Sookie goodness... but, I'm talking movies, not long drawn out series that keeps you craving more every week like a dog begging by the dinner table. (Which is exactly how I feel every Sunday evening.)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yeah, it's been awhile.

So, I haven't blogged in a long time. But here's some insight on my dark mind. Every once in awhile, I have dreams similar to this movie trailer

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I know I'm crazy. Either way, follow 'em on twitter @zombieland. (b/c everyone has a twitter account)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cost per Year of dog ownership == EXPENSIVE

So, it's been about a year since we've adopted Snowball. And after having to do taxes, I've had a chance to review Snowball's yearly cost.

According to Quicken, this is the breakdown that I have for Snowball and this is what I expect to pay in 2009.


County License: $13.00 ($25 if your, ahem, late)
Yearly Vaccination: $64.00
12-Month Supply of Flea/Tick Control (Interceptor): $152.98
12-Month Supply of Worm Control (Frontline Plus): $48.99


Eukanuba - Medium Breed 40# Dog Food: $43.99 x 4 = $175.96
Eukanuba - Dog Treats = $14.99 x 4 = $59.96
Misc Treats - $60.00


Misc throughout 2008: $150


Lodging throughout 2008: $480

So ~$1200 is what I expect to pay in 2009. I'm sure there's more that I haven't accounted for, but at least I have an idea.

To be honest, we paid about twice that in 2008, since there were a lot of one time / initial costs involved (i.e. money to adopt, training, initial check-up, neutering, home crate / travel crate, etc...)

Is it worth it? most definitely.

Here's your fun fact for today: Did you know pet owners live (on the average) three years longer than those without?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Inside all of us is a Wild Thing.

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An adaptation of Maurice Sendak's classic children's story, "Where the Wild Things Are".

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Establishing indie movies' street cred one Smiths song at a time.

The trailer to "500 Days of Summer".

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This is a story of boy meets girl, begins the wry, probing narrator of 500 Days of Summer, and with that the film takes off at breakneck speed into a funny, true to life and unique dissection of the unruly and unpredictable year-and-a-half of one young man's no-holds-barred love affair.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I like turtles...

apparently zombies do too.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Nothing lasts, but nothing is lost.

Turtles are cool! Of all the animals I've seen in the sea, they are the ones I could follow and watch forever.

Of course, I suspect that I feel this way, because every other opportunity for me to see a whale-shark has been thwarted for one reason or another (e.g., bad timing, cancelled trips, living in Ohio)

But, I digress... back to the turtle.

Turtles are held in high regard, even sacred, in many cultures. In the Far East, the turtle shell (carapace) is seen as a symbol of heaven while the underside (plastron) is symbolic of mother earth. Some Native Americans believe that the earth on which we live was made from the mud found on the back of a turtle's shell. What ever the story is or what people believe in, you can't disagree that you're hit was awe when one of these majestic creatures slowly and purposely swim by you.

For me, the turtle embodies my thoughts of how one should live their lives. Turtles are thought to be slow creatures and are never in a rush.. they operate at their own pace, getting to where they need to be when they need to be there. What should we get out of this? Easy... go with the flow and be happy and content with the pace which life is taking you. Life is a journey, enjoy it as much as the destination.

In my magical world, turtles would be willing to share their secrets... because, chances are, they have many.


Here's my current desktop image that I've taken from It only relates to this short post in that there is a turtle in it.

And, for the record, I would never condone turtle servitude. I like to think that the turtle, pictured above, has taken it on himself to help his friend along his journey.

Here's some video for fun.

(For those of you that don't see the video, click here.)

I was looking through archives and I noticed about the same time last year, I blogged about turtle legend. I blame spring fever and my need to get some diving in.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's not alright...

I thought it was funny, but may not be your cup of tea.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Three pretty cool words all in one movie title.

If you know me, I love movies. I mean I'll pretty much watch just about anything. Why? Because, I'm a loser.

Plus, throw in the the fact that Sherrie is normally my movie watching partner, chances are I'll have a pretty well rounded repertoire. Just so we're clear, Sher's the one to add culture and class to my normal movie line-up (e.g., "Shoot 'Em Up", "Time Bandits", and "A Time to Remember")

In 2009, there's a whole bunch of movies I would like to take time out to see; however, one has caught my eye enough that I couldn't help but highlight it here.

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I mean it has three words that'll get most any heterosexual guy pretty excited, i.e., "Lesbian", "Vampire" and "Killers". So, you know you can't go wrong.

The movie has already been release in Germany and is slated to be in the UK, on March 20th. When will it be in the US? I dunno, but I'm sure Google has the information somewhere in it's information hungry belly.

If you're a movie lover too, friend me on flixster, or if you're unfortunate to be my friend on facebook, check out our compatibility.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So today's the last day of Analog TV... NOT

The U.S. Congress set the TODAY as the deadline for broadcast TV stations to no longer send their signals across the analog airwaves; however, that deadline has been adjusted and the true and new deadline is now June 12th 2009.

What's that mean? It means that some of the full-power broadcast television stations have the option to terminate their analog broadcast, while others will execute their transition throughout the rest of 1st half 2009.

I'm spoiled having cable, so I never really kept tabs on the whole DTV thing. I do, however, enjoy fun and neat things that come as a result of change.

Included, herein, is The Simpsons New Main Title created in response to the HD change over.

Can you catch the subtle and fun little differences?

(Here's the link to the video.)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

An adventure in stop motion video.

Last night we put together a little stop motion video made from legos and the kids' imagination.

Tools we used:

  • Canon Digital Rebel XT Camera
  • Mini Tripod
  • Paper
  • Crayons / Markers
  • Legos
  • iPhoto '09
  • iMovie '09
  • and unbridled imagination

Overall, we took over 200 pictures, but ended up only using 115.   

The process of using both iPhoto with iVideo (both within the iLife '09 Suite) was pretty straightforward and simple.


Basically, I imported the images into iPhoto creating a new event, then I opened iVideo and created a new project.

I set the following Project Properties (found in File -> Project Properties... ) as follows:


Then, I opened up for the photo browser, selected the images and dragged them into the iMovie project work space.


Then using the Voiceover button (shortcut key "O"), had Sher and the kids do their narrative magic.


Lastly, added some titles, transition and published the darn thing.


The result is this video, which is the kids' version of how Spongebob and Patrick first met.


The link to the video is here.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Drawing... with your voice

Here's a fun distraction, check it out. It's Zefrank's voice driven drawing tool.

It's a little flash application that allows you to control a brush with sound. A low volume sound guides the cursor counterclockwise; a medium-volume will straighten the line; and, a high volume sound will lead the cursor clockwise. It's actually kinda neat.

Eventually the whole family was howling at the computer trying to do our own vocal etch-a-sketch-like artwork.

Here's Vivian's masterpiece as it developed.





Here's what you get when you play Damien Rice's "The Blower's Daughter" to the tool.


You know, if you don't know Frank, you're missing out.

Follow him at and visit his site often for some happy distractions.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My current state of affairs...

This pretty much sums up how I feel right now.

"Why Am I Still Sick?" from

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do you twitter?!

I twitter. So, the first thing you ought to do is follow me at Why?! Because I have absolutely awesome insight and will keep you up to date with everything that is cool. Okay, not really, but it seems to be the thing to do is to solicit people to follow you on twitter. Now that this is out of the way...

What is twitter you ask?! My two second explanation: twitter is a microblogging tool that allow people to keep up with your short updates... if you're not satisfied by this explanation, here's something more concise from Common Craft that helps explain "Twitter in Plain English"

There's many tools out there to help "gauge" your twitter usage. What's it all mean? Who know... I'm just cataloging them here, just to do so.

Follow Cost
Ever wonder "How annoying will it be to follow so-and-so on twitter?" Well, wonder no more.. you can have some straightforward statistics on how many updates are made per day, and how the last 100 updates have been. It also measures your performance in milliscobles.

Twitter Grader
Twitter Grader measures the power of a profile. How's this calculated? Some twitter voodoo and crazy number crunching you'll get a score relative to those who've been graded before you. The higher the score the better you are... can rank among the other "elites" in your area?

Mr Tweet
Mr Tweet is your personal networking assistant. Using the magic of the internet, Mr Tweet will take statistics of your tweets and conversations and provide you information every two weeks. Information you'll get from Mr Tweet include people within your sphere of influence, people who you aren't providing reciprocal follows with, and general usage statistics.

Twitter Counter
If you like numbers and graphs, you'll like this tool. This tool keep track of how many followers you have and predicts how many followers you will have in the near future. It's all about averages. And, from what I've gathered.... I'm pretty average.

TwitterCounter for @knightdiver

Monday, February 9, 2009

I make a lot of Internet waste.

Between twitter, flickr, and (this is just to name a few) I generate a lot of internet trash.

How do I know this? Well, I "re-stumbled" across this site,

What's the site about? What's the site do? Well, documents all social network activity that I've made it aware of and puts it on an interactive timeline.

To be honest, I forgot I signed up with it. It's neat that I did because rediscovering it has given me pretty interesting insight on what I've been doing throughout 2008 (which was pretty much nothing). What's crazy is that it has every little twitter I've made and references all of the images I've put up on flickr. I mean, a lot of internet trash. Really, it's a stalker's dream site.

Seriously, it's actually kinda cool. Here's my timeline:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thanks for your support.

The Big Brother and Big Sister's 26th Annual Bowl for Kids' Sake fundraiser went well. From last I heard, they were getting close to their goal of $500,000, they had made quite a dent to the tune of $450K+. and internet donations had still to be updated. That's definitely a significant amount for such a great cause.


I would like to thank everyone who made donations as well as took the time out to come to the event. It ended up being a great time for old friends to catch up and to make new ones.

Some honorable mention I would like to do a shout out to are my bowling team mates who without their participation we would not have made our team fundraising goals.

Team "I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter":


Shane Foglesong, one of my very good friends who is a high school teacher with Virtual Community School (VCS) of Ohio. Shane helps shape the young minds of our future generation. That alone deserves a lot of kudos. He also loves to SCUBA dive, that definitely make him worth following on twitter at

Mandie getting ready

Amanda (Mandie) Callicoat of Members First Credit Union. Amanda is the marketing manager of Members First located in Grandview, Ohio. If you're looking for an alternative to regular retail banking, check out your local credit union. If you're in Franklin County, call Amanda. You could also follow Amanda on twitter at

Amanda Callicoat
Members First Credit Union
1445 W Goodale Blvd
Columbus, OH 43212
(614) 462-6850  

Dan and daughter

Dan Simon of Apex Title in Worthington, Ohio. Title companies are the unsung heroes in many real estate and re-fi transactions. When you buy a house or re-finance your mortgage, the title company are the ones that do all the work to make sure the money get to where it needs to and that everything that should be done actually gets done. To sum it all up, Dan does the deed. Did you know, it's also your right to request whoever you want your title company be? You can find Dan here:

Dan Simon
Apex Title Agency, Ltd.
445 Hutchinson Rd
Suite 620
Columbus, OH 43235
(614) 846-7890    

For those of you interested or are stalking any of us, here are some pictures from my flickr account.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Non-Newtonian Fluid: A Friday Activity

My business partner spends a lot of time surfing the web and finds the most interesting stuff. I don't know how; he just does. Sometime ago he found and shared videos about non-newtonian fluid.

So, this past Friday night, Viv and I thought we'd give it a try.

For those of you that don't know. A non-newtonian fluid is a fluid whose viscosity is not a single constant value, meaning that the relation between sheer stress and strain rate in non-linear.


Basically, in regards to our activity, our fluid acted like a solid when struck or abrupt force was applied. When left alone or little force was given it acted as a liquid. Check out this wiki entry if you're interested in more information.

Just in case any parents are interested in trying this, just know this:

  • it's definitely a fun and easy activity to do at home,
  • It's non-toxic,
  • can be very messy, and
  • skip the food coloring. Viv and Pxian's hands will be green for the next week.

The recipe we used was from this blog.

Here's the video from our experience.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Help me help them... Bowl For Kids' Sake 2009

Do you remember who helped you catch your first firefly? Or who told you as a young person that you could achieve anything? Thousands of children in central Ohio think of and thank their Big Brother or Big Sister when asked these very questions.


On Saturday, February 7, 2009 I am bowling in the 26th Annual Bowl For Kids' Sake, Big Brothers Big Sisters' largest fundraiser of the year. I need your help to ensure that this valuable youth service agency can continue its important mentoring programs which inspire at-risk youth to become confident, competent and caring individuals in our community.

This is certainly a lot to be asking, definitely in these tough economic times, but now, more than ever, Big Brothers and Big Sisters are in need of your help. Due to massive cut back and layoffs in Central Ohio a lot of mentors have been dropping out of the program.

Join me in making a BIG difference in the lives of children. Click this link to my personal online donation page to make your secure credit card donation. You will automatically receive a tax receipt via email. If you prefer to make a donation in my honor offline, please send a check, made payable to "BBBS/BFKS", to:

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio
Attn: Bowl For Kids' Sake
1855 E. Dublin-Granville Rd, First Floor
Columbus, OH 43229-3516

Be sure to add my name to the memo portion of your check so your gift is credited to my total dollars raised... and so I can thank you personally.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this I appreciate your support!

If you're in for a really fun time, you are also more than welcome to join us at the The Columbus Bowling Palace, our team "I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter" will be bowling at 4pm on Saturday afternoon. For more details click here.

Lastly, for your you twitter-bugs... follow me at I'll be sure to post some tweets and pictures during the event. @AmandaCallicoat and @Hola717 will also be there.

Hope to see you!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

bedtime stories by Pxian.

Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Random Things... about me...

So, this is a facebook meme that's been going around. As you can tell from the title you write 25 random things about yourself, then you tag 25 "friends" and they should do the same... fun?! Sure. why not?

  1. I was offered a full ride scholarship from the OSU Army ROTC program, but turned it down.
  2. My business has been around for 12 years this March.
  3. My most favorite vehicle I ever owned is a silver Nissan XTerra.
  4. One vehicle I wish I had back is my 1990 Red 1.0 liter, 3 cylinder Geo Metro.
  5. I currently drive a Nissan Quest.
  6. Growing up, I had a dog named Lucky. He wasn't so lucky. He died prematurely when his collar got snagged on a chain linked fence.
  7. I was born in the Upper East Side of Manhatten.
  8. I've had my cell phone number since 1993.
  9. My favorite painting is Van Gogh's Cafe Terrace at Night.
  10. I like my single malt scotch served neat.
  11. I would never turn down a Brouwerij Riva's Lucifer.
  12. I love to backpack camp, but I don't anymore.
  13. Currently, I can't get enough of the movie Notting Hill or Pride and Prejudice. (don't ask, I have no idea)
  14. I love zombie movies even though they freak the shit out of me. To this day I blame my love-hate relationship with zombies on Romero's 1979 Dawn of the Dead and my parents for taking me to see it when I was young.
  15. I'm not ashamed to say that whenever I'm in a public place, I contemplate where I would seek refuge in the event of a Zombie outbreak.
  16. I'm not proud of the fact that I have read the whole Twilight Series.
  17. I just recently found out that some people refer to certain women as being a real "See You Next Tuesday" and what that meant.
  18. I enjoy making Saturday morning breakfast for the family.
  19. I love to use my propane grill throughout the whole year.
  20. I'm a non-apologetic carnivore.
  21. I make a pretty damn good grilled cheese sandwich.
  22. I'm a certified Open Water SCUBA Instructor.
  23. I plan on becoming a certified Cave Diver.
  24. I would love to eventually own a dive outfit on a tropical island.
  25. If you translate my last name from Spanish to English on Google it returns "fun".

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I dream of tree houses...

This explodingdog image describes how I'm feeling today.  It is titled "I dream of treehouses but I am afraid of heights". 

Here's the actual page.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Welcome to my world...

modern web design

If you can't read the credits, the image is from Alan from

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bacon Explosion: The Experience

So my business partner found the recipe to Bacon Explosion on  It's a recipe guaranteed to get you to "Pork Nirvana in no time flat."  Also, it's a recipe unapologetic for the amount of pork meat required to make it, about four pounds.

Check out the recipe here:(

It was all fun and games until my wife decides that she wants to actually cook the thing.  I should add here that we deviated from the recipe, we had to.  The main reason for this is that we did NOT have a smoker. ;)


Here's a little video of our experience.
(And by little, I mean 10 minutes)

(In case you need the link, click here.)