Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So today's the last day of Analog TV... NOT

The U.S. Congress set the TODAY as the deadline for broadcast TV stations to no longer send their signals across the analog airwaves; however, that deadline has been adjusted and the true and new deadline is now June 12th 2009.

What's that mean? It means that some of the full-power broadcast television stations have the option to terminate their analog broadcast, while others will execute their transition throughout the rest of 1st half 2009.

I'm spoiled having cable, so I never really kept tabs on the whole DTV thing. I do, however, enjoy fun and neat things that come as a result of change.

Included, herein, is The Simpsons New Main Title created in response to the HD change over.

Can you catch the subtle and fun little differences?

(Here's the link to the video.)


Jeanne said...

Fox is now my new favorite channel in Columbus because they are actually terminating their analog broadcast today. Nice to see that someone can stick to a deadline.

KnightDiver said...

Yes in the Columbus Market, The Fox Channels: Fox 28 Columbus, The CW and the other one are going bye bye tonight.