Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Three pretty cool words all in one movie title.

If you know me, I love movies. I mean I'll pretty much watch just about anything. Why? Because, I'm a loser.

Plus, throw in the the fact that Sherrie is normally my movie watching partner, chances are I'll have a pretty well rounded repertoire. Just so we're clear, Sher's the one to add culture and class to my normal movie line-up (e.g., "Shoot 'Em Up", "Time Bandits", and "A Time to Remember")

In 2009, there's a whole bunch of movies I would like to take time out to see; however, one has caught my eye enough that I couldn't help but highlight it here.

(pop-out, if you're seeing this through rss.)

I mean it has three words that'll get most any heterosexual guy pretty excited, i.e., "Lesbian", "Vampire" and "Killers". So, you know you can't go wrong.

The movie has already been release in Germany and is slated to be in the UK, on March 20th. When will it be in the US? I dunno, but I'm sure Google has the information somewhere in it's information hungry belly.

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