Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Random Things... about me...

So, this is a facebook meme that's been going around. As you can tell from the title you write 25 random things about yourself, then you tag 25 "friends" and they should do the same... fun?! Sure. why not?

  1. I was offered a full ride scholarship from the OSU Army ROTC program, but turned it down.
  2. My business has been around for 12 years this March.
  3. My most favorite vehicle I ever owned is a silver Nissan XTerra.
  4. One vehicle I wish I had back is my 1990 Red 1.0 liter, 3 cylinder Geo Metro.
  5. I currently drive a Nissan Quest.
  6. Growing up, I had a dog named Lucky. He wasn't so lucky. He died prematurely when his collar got snagged on a chain linked fence.
  7. I was born in the Upper East Side of Manhatten.
  8. I've had my cell phone number since 1993.
  9. My favorite painting is Van Gogh's Cafe Terrace at Night.
  10. I like my single malt scotch served neat.
  11. I would never turn down a Brouwerij Riva's Lucifer.
  12. I love to backpack camp, but I don't anymore.
  13. Currently, I can't get enough of the movie Notting Hill or Pride and Prejudice. (don't ask, I have no idea)
  14. I love zombie movies even though they freak the shit out of me. To this day I blame my love-hate relationship with zombies on Romero's 1979 Dawn of the Dead and my parents for taking me to see it when I was young.
  15. I'm not ashamed to say that whenever I'm in a public place, I contemplate where I would seek refuge in the event of a Zombie outbreak.
  16. I'm not proud of the fact that I have read the whole Twilight Series.
  17. I just recently found out that some people refer to certain women as being a real "See You Next Tuesday" and what that meant.
  18. I enjoy making Saturday morning breakfast for the family.
  19. I love to use my propane grill throughout the whole year.
  20. I'm a non-apologetic carnivore.
  21. I make a pretty damn good grilled cheese sandwich.
  22. I'm a certified Open Water SCUBA Instructor.
  23. I plan on becoming a certified Cave Diver.
  24. I would love to eventually own a dive outfit on a tropical island.
  25. If you translate my last name from Spanish to English on Google it returns "fun".