Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Everyone has problems...

Almost every morning, on my way to work, I cut through a really nice neighborhood. The houses and garages are huge, the lawns are green and trimmed, the school district and community center is known for its quality of education and service. It's a really nice neighborhood that I, one day, hope to transplant my family into.

On this particularly morning, I was headed into the office early so the streets were quiet.  Occasionally you see a jogger or a dog walker, but I pretty much had the road to myself.  However, I'm well aware of my speed limit... cruising at 25 mph is a requirement while driving in this neighborhood.

Upon turning one of the last couple of corners headed in, I roll by a Honda Accord, parked in the other direction.  Inside was a guy bent over his center console. He didn't notice me until he finished and he looked up from his pad.  I startled him.

My car is nice and quiet; You barely hear it above the chirping of the birds.  So, it was no surprised that he didn't notice me, until I was right there.

He looked like a young professional, well dressed definitely headed into an office somewhere.  And, there was no mistake as to what he was doing.  He wiped his face, started his car and drove off.

I don't know if he lives in the neighborhood, was visiting, or just finding a place to get his quick fix.  Needless to say, I haven't seen him around since.

I guess the short point to this long story is that everyone has problems...