Thursday, July 17, 2008

The formula doesn't work!!

Cute + Young + (Actress | Celebrity ) != Good Music

When will the music industry learn?  Good music is not a function of attractiveness, age and/or mediocre acting ability. 

Even with all the technological advancements when it comes to sound, you could make people sound "better", but people still don't want to do have to deal with a Milli Vanilli or hear excuses of acid reflux

Here's the list of some actresses who attempted the music entertainment thing.

Late 80's / Early 90's

Alyssa Milano, you know the cute Italian girl from Who's the boss.  She came out with several albums, but they were all god awful.

Mid 90's / Early 00's

Jennifer Love Hewitt - okay...  she was popular in Japan and was a pop icon there and then found her way into acting here in the states...  but, still...  would I listen to her?  No.  Plus, The Japanese like some really weird stuff.

The 2000's

Paris Hilton - can you say "money"?

Lindsay Lohan - ummmm...  yeah

Scarlett Johansson - again...  do I really need to continue.

So, what's gotten me on this little tirade?  Well, another actress has joined the ranks... 

Hayden Panettiere is now a singer!  Here's her video to her debut single, "Wake Up Call".  There's irony here...  but only if she listened.