Wednesday, June 11, 2008

For all you guys who like...

to put protective skins on your iPods, iPhones, etc. check this out.  It's BMW's GINA Light Visionary model.  What is this beast?

GINA Light Visionary Model

GINA stands for "Geometry and Function in 'N' Adaptations".  What's all that mean?  Who knows... all I know is that it looks cool.  Essentially, a skin is wrapped around the car's skeleton, which is a carbon fiber and metal frame.  With this you achieve an exterior more fluid and less "rigid" than what we're so used to seeing with vehicles.  So, the door bends open... just like our bodies, when we lift our arms our skin follow naturally.

The headlights are especially cool, instead of a pop-up lamps or a constantly exposed lamp cavity, this BMW's headlamps are hidden behind skin eerily resembling eyelids.

Check out this video as well.

All it needs now is a hydrogen fuel cell, wings, underwater capabilities, a hot brunette in the passenger's seat... and I'm there.