Monday, September 29, 2008

I joke a lot about...

SCUBA diving not being a hobby but like a lifestyle, or better yet, like an illness.  More and more its become a true statement at least for me and the crew I normally dive with.  

From my experience, there's a paradigm shift when you catch the bug.  And, when I say "catch the bug", I'm not talking about your "once every two-three year resort" diving bug; I'm envisioning the "once to several times a week, I'll dive anything at least once" fever.  When this "infected" diver passes by a body of water, he wonders if it's dive worthy.  Free weekends at home become less and less; Vacation plans involves some body of water; gift he gives and receives is usually dive (or water) related.

Here's an illustration.  Below is a picture of me w/ The Fog in Cozumel, just a couple of hours before his wedding.  The photograph was taken by head usher, Silverman.  And, Yes.  We all made it to the wedding on time, just barely.

Something Old:
  Tusa Fins

Something New:
  Diving Palancar Reef

Something Borrowed: 
  The AL 80 on his back

Something blue:
  The Water All Around.

If you're ever interested in getting this sick, let me know...

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Shane said...

Yes - my wife would agree it is an illness. Only because I swerve off the road anytime we pass any form of water. It can be a drainage ditch or stock pond or toy pond or river or (my favorite) old, small quarries just off the road and I rubberneck it and dream . . . How can I find a way to dive it?