Sunday, March 23, 2008

Color Wars 2008

Sometime last week, people on twitter began changing their avatars to join certain colored teams.  I first got wind of the formation of teams from an iJustine twitter.  It being a pretty late in the work day, I decided why not and I joined the FF1CAEteam. Most of the "Peaple" went green, obviously.  But, I went Pink...  Why?  Mainly because Vivian likes Pink.  ("Pink is the New Black", you know.) Plus, I'm comfortable with my masculinity to be on a pink team. 

Basically it was the start of the old school Color Wars...  Kinda like field day on the last day of school or camp.

The first challenge was posted today on, it's called GAME #1: Bad Ass RoShamBo.  Now, RoShamBo means a lot of different things...  but, in this case...  it's virtual "Rock", "Paper", "Scissors".

Here’s how it works (from the aforementioned website):

  1. Take a picture of yourself throwing either “rock”, “paper” or “scissors”.
  2. It must be clear which of the three you are throwing.
  3. You must be in your team uniform (do your best).
  4. Upload your photo to Flickr and tag it like this:
    rsb:move=yourmove rsb:team=yourteam rsb:player=yourtwittername
    (for example rsb:move=rock rsb:team=blueteam rsb:player=zefrank)
  5. Submit a link to the flickr photo below or at

If you're interested in finding out how this all came about, check out zefrank's blog about it, here: Colorwar 2008.

And here’s my submission:


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