Saturday, March 8, 2008

What happens when I do house calls.

On several occasions, we do house calls and assist clients with their home computer or networking needs.  It's no big thing, actually, it can be pretty enjoyable...  especially if it's after hours and the client is more a friend who has a case of beer in the fridge.  Check out what happens to me way too many times to count.

Okay, for the record, nothing like this has every happened to me, since most of my clients are middle-aged men...  sigh.

And, another note for the record, *I* am not the Mariah Carey fan, although, I do find her attractive, her music is a little to bubbly for me.  I found this via The Fog who sent it over via StumbleUpon... I think he might be a closet Mariah fan.  ;)

StumbleUpon is a cool little "time-wasting" utility, btw.


Shane said...

I wish I could take the credit for having found this myself - alas it was the addicting Engadget.
And as for being a Mariah fan - I think the most amazing thing about this is - she is still around. She may be a robot as well . . . she looks the same as she did when I was a Junior in High School. And that is just freaky.

Shane said...

but at least I now know the correct way to say 802.11n