Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Holy Crap... Zombies...

Derren Brown is a British magician, psychological illusionist and a mentalist.  He had a series on British television's Channel 4 called Mind Control.

Check out this little clip.  He places the video game in a pub, to lure a patron into playing the game. The game, which Brown developed puts the player into a submissive trace.  He claims this works on 1/3 of the people he's tested it on.  Once he finds a suitable person, he then takes the catatonic "victim" and places him in a real-life recreation of the video game, having him fire an air gun at actors, pretending to be zombies and outfitted with explosive squibs.

Can you say HOLY CRAP?!?  This was done back in 2005 and I just stumbled upon it via a link sent over by my buddy Pat.

BTW, I'm a zombie lover...  so, stuff like this always gets me all giddy inside.  Also, if you haven't done so...  check out Romero's latest movie "Diary of the Dead" which release in theaters earlier this month.

IMDB's info on Romero's Latest piece of work.

Here's the "official" trailer: