Thursday, December 13, 2007

a blast from the past...

So, I googled myself today and found a posting I did over eight years ago. Yes, I googled myself... just wanted to make sure you guys can't find my super secret double life site. Sorry, let me get back on track. So what did I find? Apparently, back in 1999, I was researching mysql performance and it's ability to handle large data sets... it's funny to see it now. Why? Around the time of the posting, almost all of my clients were using Microsoft SQL server or Oracle... mysql was still a big "I dunno". Today, the majority of database clients are on MySQL and only a handful are using Microsoft SQL Server and only one of our clients uses Oracle. We develop for smaller, price conscious clients, so it's to be expected. Here's the post? 2 million rows? puh-lease... I just got done bulk inserting closer to 5 times that amount for one of our bigger clients. My how times have changed.