Tuesday, December 18, 2007


hulu logo

I finally got my invite into the hulu beta site. 

And, I'm so happy I did.

What is hulu, you ask?  Hulu is a company/website, based out of Los Angeles.  They have partnered up with some big name networks to provide access to premium content "across all genres and formats - television shows, feature films, clips and more."  Their interface is slick and sharp and finding content is nice and easy.

Basically it's nirvana for the television/movie junkie. 

The big plus is that its content is not limited to current shows...  for example, I'm currently watching the first season of Roswell and have Doogie Howser and Airwolf (w/ Ernest Borgnine) next on my playlist.

Now, how can I talk Santa in getting me both a vacation to Belize and a new multi-screen display set-up for "work".


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