Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Human Race, In General.

It's easy to get lost on the Internet.  Consider this scenario; You wake up your suspended computer to "quickly" check e-mail and all of a sudden it's a couple of hours later, and you find yourself viewing some YouTube video of some random person doing some random thing.  For me, many times I'm left in disbelief with my jaw dropped opened, wondering "What The Fuck?".

Other times, I'm just go into an Internet Trance.  Someone sends me some link which I review and then I continue from one related link to another, absorbing as much information that my eyes can see.  Albeit, useless information, but information nonetheless. 

This completely wasteful use of time is interrupted by a phone call, email notification or, more embarrassing, someone asking me what I'm doing.  To which, I promptly reply, "Nothing!".  Which is completely, but sadly, true.

I could lie to myself and say that really all I'm doing is studying human nature and it's raw, truthful and sometimes disappointing portraits that are painted on the electronic canvas called the Internet.  I say disappointing because many of the videos that I stumble upon are of people doing really stupid things.

What are there people doing?  Are they looking for attention? fame? eternal glory?  C'mon kids, let's not kid ourselves... *eternal* on the Internet is the better part of 5 minutes.  Either way...  if some superior alien race was to snap up a portion of YouTube's most popular videos I don't think it would make much of a testimonial.

Now, I know access to the Internet hasn't really changed how people are, what it simply has done has allowed ease to provide and get information, is this a good thing?

Here are some videos that make me worry about us...  and our future generations...

Kid versus Fire Ants

It's uncanny and disturbing the number of rooftop jumping videos.


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