Thursday, December 13, 2007


I’ve found that the one most important step in my quest to simplify my life is to purge the unnecessary things that causes complication. Specifically, I’ve been addressing the clutter and disorganization, which is the cause of *my* complication.

From reading other entries on this particular “Thing to Do”, it’s looks like that’s the overall feeling everyone has, as well.. whether it be a physical thing that is being remove or an emotional one.

As an update, I’ve purge many “physical” things that have been cluttering my office and living space. I’m becoming less of a pack rat, only keeping those things that I cherish or have sentiment for. It’s been an ongoing process that has taken up a better part of past two week, however, I’m already seeing some immediate results.

Getting up in the morning seems less stressful, getting to bed a night is a lot more relaxing. And, things are getting done.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Purge, Prune, Purify.


Shane said...

One word for you - "if you haven't used it/seen it/thought of it for a year - send it to the great beyond".

OK - more than a word

Maxienne said...

I want to come home and purge.. it might be better than being stuck at work... sigh...