Monday, December 10, 2007

An "I'm sorry letter" to my blog.

Dear Blog, I feel slightly insane. It's been very busy last week and it's only getting busier. Just so you know, everything I planned to get done last week has been pushed over to this week. Which really sucks for the both of us. But, don't worry, I still care about you. Please don't think my silence means I don't care. I just have slightly more important things in my life, such as putting food on the table, paying bills, and keeping the business moving along. Plus, you're not alone... even though I'm not around, Google Analytics and Feedburner are keeping tabs on you. And, I'm sure all your trusted subscribers won't drop you off their list. Don't worry, as incentive, I have a good christmas gift for you... time permitting, you might have your own domain and a new look! To add some value to this post... since I've been sapped of every ounce of creative thought I'm piggy backing off of iJustine's recent post about We Feel Fine by Jonathan Harris and providing links to both her blog and the project's site. I'm sure many of your readers will get a kick out of it. Yours, jcd