Monday, December 31, 2007

I pissed someone off somewhere...

I mean, I've had to.  Literally, it's been one thing after another.  Here's some of the things I've been dealing with during my last week of 2007.   And, this is only the stuff I'm willing to share.

The bad stuff...

Christmas Eve: My laptop blue screens and has an irrecoverable error.  So, I need to reformat then restore from a backup.  The real problem is that I need a backup that doesn't exist.


Last Friday: My garbage disposal has corroded through and has pretty much all but damaged the cabinet beneath the sink.  Cheers to disgusting sink water!

This Morning: The turtle tanks Fluval 305 filter has a bad O-ring and leaked close to 10 gallons of water on our newly installed wood floors, last night.  Double cheers to disgusting turtle water!

The good stuff...

Though I hadn't full copied over everything, most of the important stuff on my old laptop is now on a Latitude D820.

The garbage disposal has been replace with a newer, more powerful unit.

The turtles are fine and still hungry as ever. 

The floor?  Well, that's another story...  I'll deal with that later.

Moral of the story?

There isn't one.  If I had to think of one, it would be "Chin Up." 

Anyway, I plan on taking 2008 on just like 2007... just roll with the punches and take things one step at a time.