Friday, January 25, 2008

Boobs on Ice.

Frozen Pea Fund

Today is the 6th Frozen Pea Friday.   Every Friday a video is posted online at and acts as a mile marker for how long the Frozen Pea Fund has been raising money for breast cancer research. 

The Frozen Pea fund was inspired by Susan Reynolds who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  She tells her story via her blog, Boobs on Ice.

I admire Susan for her courage and her willingness to share her story online.  What is just as impressive is the amount of support for her and this very noble cause.  Add to the fact that's it's all due to social media.  Twitter, blogging, flickr, etc.

me w/ peasWhy frozen peas?  Susan explains here.

There's also a flickr group for "PEAple" who have pea-vatars. 

Which at the time of writing this has 331 members.

I wish Susan the best of luck as well as those who are in similar situations or have a loved one that is.