Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lucky You

So Netflix sent us the movie Lucky You. It's a drama about a Las Vegas native Poker Player trying to win a seat into the 2003 World Series of Poker Tournament. The real story is about how he's fighting a difficult battle with his personal problems, specifically his relationship with his father.

All I can say that watching the movie was very much like watching a Texas Hold-em Tournament. Slow and boring. (for me, poker isn't fun, unless I'm playing in it) However, if you're a big poker fan, you'll get a kick out of all the cameos.

The only thing I got out of it was a line said to the main character Huck Cheever (Eric Bana) from his poker sponsor Roy Durucher (Charles Martin Smith)...

You want sympathy? You'll find it between "shit" and "syphilis" in the dictionary.

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