Friday, January 25, 2008


I love pizza. 

za Good New York Style Pizza always reminds me of summer walks with my grandfather.  This was in Brooklyn, New York, on Knickerbocker Avenue.  There was this Italian owned pizzeria on a corner somewhere between home and the playground.  You could order a slice right outside via their walk up bar and eat your 'za on the sidewalk.  Yum. 

The neighborhood has changed, the pizzeria is gone...  but the walk is still a familiar one.

My most favorite place to eat pizza in Columbus is The Flying Pizza.  At one time, there was only one location in Columbus, on campus.  Back in the day, when I was a student, this was obviously a real convenient location.

Now, not so much.  But, that's okay.  They do have a location on Bethel Road and I tell you what...  knowing this makes me feel all giddy inside.

Now, I have a problem.  Not a real problem, more like a self-imposed ban.  I *was* supposed to get some 'za with an old friend of mine...  but, she's gone and left the country.  It's my fault really.   (Let me clarify...  it's my fault we didn't get together.)

Anyway, this gal...  she's busy saving the world, which I admire her for.  While, I sit here, in the comfort of my office, making it easier for corporations and businesses to make more money, she makes sure that the world and all its beauty will still be around for a little while longer...  When Vivian says she wants to be a scientist or work with animals, I think of this person.

So, long story short, I'm boycotting the flying pizza until she gets back, if she gets back.  Only when we decide to finally get together to catch up, I will have some of that greasy goodness.