Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mount Storm Part 1

To fulfill one of my 2008 SCUBA Resolutions and check off January from my "dive at least once each month" list, a group of us drove over to Mount Storm West Virginia for a nice mid January Dive.

We broke the trip into two legs, the first leg being a leisurely drive to Morgantown, West Virginia.  The thought behind this was to leave the CBUS after work on Friday, drive 3 hours to enjoy the town and night life in Morgantown.  Plus, this city is a wonderfully hilly town which was very inviting for a nice relaxing get away.  We ended up shacking up at the Water Front Place Hotel, which was definitely a plus compared to the alternative.

Our choice in Hotels...


The alternative...

We were called sell-outs for not going to the Mountaineer.  But, if you consider pillow top mattresses, fluffy pillows, indoor pool/hot tub, full service bar and room service selling out.  I'm all for it. 

Side note, ever seen the movie "Vacancy".  Yeah... enough said.

We ended up getting into Morgantown late, but the bar was still open, the conversation was good and the mood was relaxed.  What more can you ask for?

On Saturday, the boys would get up drive to Mount Storm, while the girls enjoyed a massage at the Hotel Spa and relax in the hot tub.