Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lindsay Lohan != Marilyn Monroe











New York Magazine ( commissioned Bert Stern to take photos of Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay's photos mimics a collection of Marilyn's photos known as "The Last Sitting." Which were also taken by Bert Stern took back in 1962 (for Vogue), six weeks prior to Monroe's death.

According to the article by NYMag, Stern suspected "she has a lot more depth to her." Lohan having a very similar situation to Monroe's "tripped" up career.

I don't know, if I agree... but, then again, I'm not the artist that got to take all the naked picture of two pop icons from two totally different generations.

On a somewhat related note, Lindsay's mom approves and is happy with the photos. So, that must mean that it's okay.

You can check out Mr Stern's site at:

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