Friday, February 29, 2008

This weekend is for the girls...

"What about for the boys?", you might be asking.  To which I answer... "maybe?!"  but only if you're into beefy men or a handful of very beefy women.



Not so much...


Let me explain.  This weekend, Columbus is host to three big "Man Meaty" Events.

The most popular and probably the one most people will be going to is The Arnold Classic, now known as Arnold Sports Fesitival.

Originally an event dedicated to men's body building, this 20th anniversary festival has grown to fill up both the Columbus Convention Center and the Nationwide Arena.  They now have over 18 categories of events and sports.  Event include Archery, Cheerleading, Gymnastics and Table Tennis, just to name a few.

ufc82ticketsAlso being hosted at Nationwide Arena this weekend is the UFC's Pride of a Champion.  It's the middleweight championship between Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson.  And this is a fight to watch.  The two men are forces to be reckoned with, Silva with his speed and crazy fast combos, Henderson with his brute teeth shattering strength putting them together in the cage Saturday Night, is definitely something to watch.


Last, but definitely not least, The Ohio High School Athletic Association is having their Wrestling State Championships over at Value City Arena.  What's nice is that we have some local talent competing this year, from Hilliard Darby and Davidson, Upper Arlington and Grove City.

Can you say, holy moly?

Personally, I'm just excited to see Columbus is bringing in some money with events like this.  I'm a little weary of the downtown infrastructures being able to handle all the hustle and bustle.  Not to mention Columbus' finest being able to handle all the testosterone.

Either was it's good for us.  Bring some money in to local business, show that Columbus is just as good as any other big city for providing entertainment and hosting big events.

Will I be going out?  Probably not.  I've very much the "Beta Male" as Christopher Moore describes. 


Plus, I've got a new puppy to worry about at home.  We're working on potty training.  Fun, Fun, Fun for the Jude Man.


Oh, I almost forgot to mention another event this weekend.  Every 1st weekend over every month the Short North hosts The Gallery Hop.  It's a time to celebrate art, enjoy good food, shopping and take in the Columbus atmosphere.