Friday, February 8, 2008

ummm... I recant one statement.

from my last post:

I marked the following as an affirmative.

( x ) Been arrested

I forgot to delete that "x".

Here's my recant. NO... I have not been arrested.

So, If you're looking for dirt, you won't find any, b/c there's none to be dug up. I might have been close a couple of times, but not for anything serious. A speeding ticket here, a parking ticket there, a number of miscellaneous white collared crimes. (I'm joking...)

drunken_orgieHowever, If you think about it, I've been lucky. I have been to campus a number of times and you'd think that I might have been a participant in the drunken riots, car flipping, orgies.

But, alas... having kids w/ a strict bed time has me home, safe and sound, at a reasonable hour.

In general, I tend to be a good boy.

[In spite of what other people might say]

(Honestly, it's more like, I'm cautious enough that I don't ever let the cameras catch me in the act.)

Happy Friday!

Yeah, yeah... in defense of Holbrook, she did change her tune concerning her comment.

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