Friday, February 15, 2008

Need a break?!?

Fridays, for many, happen to be a good day to screw around and catch up on pointless internet roaming.

So, If you're all caught up on current events and all your blogs have run dry and you're still looking for more Friday distractions, check out this site by Jennifer Shiman.

The site is called Angry Alien Productions and you can find it at this URL,

Jennifer has created the 30-Second Bunny Troupe who do reenactments of classic/popular movies in (you guess it) 30-Seconds.  And, yes if you're wondering, the troupe has an agent.  His name is Duck.

bnnies-exorSince 2005, Jennifer has been releasing a new reenactment once a month...  so, there's is lots to see.  Some movies that have been done include Pulp Fiction, A Christmas Story, Spider-Man and the Exorcist, just to name a few.

Starz even picked up here work for promotion on their website and on-demand channels.

I just rediscovered the site this morning and have spent the last hour review some old favorites.


KnightDiver said...

The Bunnies have their own twitter account.