Monday, October 6, 2008

It's super sexy... it makes me drool.

I bet you were thinking that I was blogging about some beautiful gal singing some crazy pop song, or some good looking actress doing something super hot like SCUBA Diving the Andrea Doria...  but nope.  I'm blogging about this clock.  I love time pieces especially if they're "different".

Here's one at that celebrates math and all it's confusing glory. 

When you look at it, doesn't it remind you of those fun high school days?  (At least for you old folks, b/c now a days it's all white board and dry erase markers)

No, don't be alarmed...  all the math "foo foo" as the Fem Fog would call it is all for show...  you could actually calculate 198 / 66 or just know that it lives in the "3 o'clock" position.  I mean, we're all number numb anyway.

I'm getting this for the kids to teach 'em how to tell time. Or just to annoy Sher... haven't decided yet. 

Pick it up at  You know you want to.