Tuesday, November 27, 2007

b/c Kristin from Starbucks loves me...

I twittered earlier today that there's a new Starbucks right by my client's place... it's amazing how they pop-up just like that... almost like a cancerous tumor... hmmm?! In Manhattan alone, there are 171 Starbucks, actually, at least 171. There's no telling how many more popped up since the creation of this website.

As much as I dislike large super corporate giants and what it does to smaller businesses, I still succumb to them. Whether it be their cheap prices (more Wal-Mart vs Starbucks) or friendly people (more Starbucks vs Wal-Mart) for some reason or another, I'm there being a consumer wasting my money on overpriced coffee or shoddy Chinese made poison flip-flops. So, I don't mind taking advantage when they have promos or giveaways. Long story short, I have a Starbucks Song of the Day that I haven't used nor intend to use. So, if you have iTunes and like Annie Lennox, here's a free song that you can download. Obviously, it's a one time use, so first come first serve... Annie Lennox's Dark Road: Redeem code: H4WWW3Y4YMAH How do you redeem it? 6 steps: Open iTunes, click on iTunes Store, click Redeem, enter code, download, enjoy.