Friday, November 16, 2007


Today I was going to blog about the potential demise of Microsoft and its eventual surrender to internet giant Google... but I won't. (Even though they have targeted RIM and the crackberry and have a good chance of getting more of the corporate mobile market share.) Today, I was going to blog about the four agreements and my opinion on them, but I got nailed by MySpace legal earlier this year (on my old blog) for copyright infringements.... so, I won't be doing that... Today, I was going blog more about the affects of coffee on a man who has had a little over three hours of sleep... but, it has been pretty much my life for that past three months, so I'm bored with the subject matter. Plus, you don't want to hear me bitch... Today, I'm blogging about the Entrepreneurial spirit and what Patrick Rice has developed for sun worshiping beach combers. Considering it's a typical fall day, here in Ohio... the thoughts of a warm sunny day at the beach should put a smile on everyone's face. Patrick Rice and his team has developed a sunblock product that also repels sharks... Read more about it here: Now, I'm a big watching of Shark Week and I don't believe sharks are out to get us but nonetheless, Mr Rice will be making some money protecting people from harmful UV rays and lemon sharks. Unfortunately ladies, it won't protect you against this: