Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ockham's Razor Revisited

You know, I tend to be an observer when it comes to *a lot* of things. Don't know why, I just do. I'm a people watcher by nature. The one think I've learned from all my people watching is that, if you're looking to avoid all the social chaos, rumor mills, the he said / she said day to day bullshit... You should do the following two things. 1, Read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. and 2, Check out this wikiHow article, How to be Honest. The practices are simple, straight Forward... and, obvious. But, let's not kid ourselves, they are usually overlooked.


Shane said...

1. Read the Four Arguments. Hmmm - can you put a chapter a day in your blog? Otherwise . . . well to be honest . . . I only have time to read blogs or to blog.
2. Wikihow?!? This is the first I have heard of this arm of wiki media! Who would have thunk that wikipedia (continually slammed in the "educated" circles as little more than me writing what i think about rocket science) would grow all up and be a big boy (or girl) with so many arms?
Anyway - ill be searching wikihow for a how to on how to make a marshmallow gun. I don't know - it just sounds interesting.