Sunday, November 4, 2007


I was doing some late night work and had some tv show on filling the silence with background noise. Most of the time, I ignore the noise but I heard something that made me do the double take. "The laws of our analog universe is hard to enforce in digital cyberspace." What got me was not the message of the sentence, I completely agree with the statement, it the fact that the word "CYBERSPACE" was used. Cyberspace?!? They still use that word? I thought it was retired or something. I think I first read this word back in 1988 when I picked up William Gibson's book Neuromancer. That was 19 years ago... which was a pretty exciting time for a geek like me. This was the about the time I was upgrading my 286 PC to to an i386 PC. All my games were on 5.25" floppy disk. I remember having to flip the darn thing when continuing an install. Sigh... Technically, the sentence should be re-stated as "The rules of meatspace is hard to enforce in cyberspace". If you're a geek, you'll remember meatspace. Or, Metaverse. Another blast from the the past: Does anyone remember Leisure Suit Larry?