Friday, November 2, 2007

Sad... then Happy... but still Sad...

Today is a good Friday for the Jude-man. I've been working my ass off all this week, this has allowed for a little breathing room and relaxing today. Which I like... busting ass and cleaning up the plate earlier in the week really does makes for a laid back Friday, especially when there aren't any fires to put out before the weekend. (knock on wood) The unfortunate thing is that I'm still in the office, in case a phone call does come in requiring some sort of assistance from me. So, while writing queries, maintaining databases and insuring that end of week processes are humming away, I get to surf the net, visit my favorite blogs and just soak up information... just, generally, screw around. I'm sharing two videos I came across, today. The first one addresses the Dolphin Drive Hunting happening in Taiji Wakayama, Japan. And, yes... I'll admit it. How I got here was not so much because I care about the dolphins, don't get me wrong, I do... it was more because Hayden Panettiere was one of the activists out in the water trying to drive the dolphins away from the kill zone. Here's a link, if the flash widget get all wonky on you. I felt, I should share this... b/c the needless slaughter of any animal, big or small should be a world concern. It made me SAD. As for second video, I didn't want to leave my Friday's blog on a somber note. So here's William Sledd, doing a very funny parody of Miss Teen South Carolina's 15 minutes of fame. He's so funny. This made me Happy, but, I'm still sad... Enjoy.