Thursday, November 15, 2007

If I had a portal gun...

... I'd drop a 18 Wheel Semi on the SCUBA van so I could get a new Nissan XTERRA. If there were a couple choice people near the vicinity that got crushed in the process, I wouldn't be heartbroken. Don't know what's a portal gun is? Obviously you're not a gamer... or, you haven't read my blog recently.


Shane said...

Hmmm - good things come to those that wait? That means you may be getting the Terranaut. All I have to say is check out that third seat!

BTW what a ghetto comment interface. I doubt my tag will even work. OK - I just previewed it and at least you can link if you have to (though cant use target att)! Is this google? Seriously?
Anyway - I just signed up for my own google blog.