Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Inspiration for an Android Application...

Here's some inspiration in case you're wanting to develop an Android based mobile application. It's an application/service/network available in the Japanese market designed to help Japan's economy by providing businesses a more dynamic labor pool. At the same time it keeps part-time workers abreast with available jobs in real time. Otetsudai Networks is utilizing mobile phones with GPS capabilites to address labor issues in Japan. The service allows employers and job hunters to have real time access to workers and jobs, respectively. Here's one way it would work. If a shop owner is looking for someone to help with a lunch hour rush, he could survey the network for employees within his general vicinity and offer 'em a job. Another example. A student has some free time between his classes and is in need of some cash. He can search for quick jobs that may be of interest to him... mowing a lawn, washing a car, etc. He can then answer that "WANT AD" for a job that fits his current mood. In case you're wondering, both employer and employees are rated e-bay style... So, after a while employers will be able to tell who the slackers are and workers can avoid the pushy boss. Obviously, in order for this to work you must be servicing a densely populated areas... but think about the other applications for the technology: Speed dating, Sporting or Entertainment events, etc... yowsers! Joi Ito told me about it, so you should learn more about it from him. Also, here's something from Thomas Crampton, who interviews Joi about the Twitter style service.