Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Crazy, Part Deux - Life in NYC.

This evening, I sit in a nice little no bedroom seventh floor loft apartment on the upper west side. (yes, I did write "no" bedroom.) We've had a pretty long day. The majority of which was hours of driving followed by lots of walking to see the balloons for the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. It's barely even 9pm and we're exhausted and worn out. Now, here we are sitting in our little bubble... a nice quiet little world. We haven't had dinner, nor do we have any alcohol to take the edge off, but according to my sister, there's nothing to fear. Apparently, you can have just about anything delivered here. You name it, it can be delivered... Pizza, definitely. Chinese food... easy. Movies, sure. Laundry, of course, they pick up too. Sushi?!? Yeah... The Vicster has several menus in her menu drawer. Crazy modern conveniences... it's hard to believe that there's a bustling city outside. You could easily get lost in your own world, especially if you have broadband. Almost like Thomas Anderson from The Matrix... or better yet... Angela Bennett from the The Net A cool thing that happened today is that we met Bloomberg... he did his obligatory fly by and waved and patted the kids on the head. Want to move to New York, check out this link on the going ons. The Official New York City Web site FYI, I was going to blog about the actual drive this morning... but, it was too exhausting in the first place, recapping would have put me over the edge.